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I need some help with ideas! Anyone?

I'm a 15 yr old male and i am in need of some money, does anybody have ideas on how i can earn some money? I can't get a job right now because i have football after school everyday! Help!

I remember what that was like,after practice you have time to eat and do homework,games on friday or saturday afternoons or evenings. That just leaves you a full day sunday. But you can work around it, depending on what you are willing to do to fulfill your worthy goal of making some money.If you go through your school councilor there may be a work program where the merchants may ask for part time workers and you will need a work permit,parents signing and all that.It's worth checking out.Next,there might be a store that you've been a regular at and you can put in a good word that you'd be willing to help on your free sunday.Believe me,one day is better than nothing.Next,it's Fall and the leaves are coming down.Get yourself a rake,some gloves,large plastic bags and you'll be prepared .Then ask the neighbors if you could rake their yard.Charge a reasonable price and they'll ask you back,that's called investing in yourself.Now, if your parents won't mind,you can store those bags,sealed up,and make compost out of them.Sell the compost to gardeners for their vegetables,or use it yourself to start a garden with tomatoes and cucumbers for next spring and summer,and you can sell those.It's good experience and teaches you the value of work experience and initiative.

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