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Le Mosaiste to add New Products to its Ceramic Tile Line Up

The company, which is well-known for high quality craftsmanship and its superb selection of authentic Moorish mosaic tile patterns, is about to expand its range of ceramic tile products.

Le Mosaiste specializes in hand crafted Moroccan tile products, also known as zillij or zellige tiles. Its current line up includes six different types of products: mosaic tiles, mosaic border tiles, chiseled tiles and borders, hand painted tiles, loose field tiles, and tile-based products. Though mostly known for its impressive array of intricate Arabesque mosaics, the company’s other types of products have proven to date to be equally popular with its high end clientele of home owners and interiors designers.

While the company’s mosaic tiles have primarily found their way into luscious bathrooms and extravagant kitchens all over the United States, its chiseled tiles, field tiles, and tile-based products (i.e. fountains, wall panels, tables etc) have seen great use as applications for floors, patios, and pools.

Due to Le Mosaiste’s expertise and success in the domain of manufacturing and installing ceramic tile products originating near Casablanca, Morocco, the company has decided to add two additional product categories to its current catalog this coming fall: hand made roof tiles and screen printed floor/wall tiles. Both types of products will again be made exclusively in Morocco and then exported to foreign markets.

Adding hand made roof tiles to its roster will be a natural progression for Le Mosaiste for various reasons. They are made from similar raw materials as zillij tiles. They have the same elegantly rustic appeal and qualities as zillij tiles. And from a design point of view, it makes sense to specify both types of products for certain kinds of projects. In Morocco or Spain for example, many structures traditionally bear Moorish roof tiles while featuring zillij tiles on the inside.

Even though the company has not ventured out of hand made products up to this point, it has decided to add screen printed versions of some of its best selling designs as a response to increasing demand for this type of product. These imitations will serve as an alternative to the real thing (less affordable mosaic tiles), as the company plans to expand into new markets.

Le Mosaiste tile products can be viewed and ordered at

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