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Japan Earthquake Might Result in Global Semiconductor Shortage

Affected by the earthquake in Japan, in early today the trading semiconductor chip A stocks shares rose rapidly. It will also affect the whole
electronic components
industry supply.

Japanese earthquake might result in worldwide semiconductor shortage, lead to the volatility of semiconductor market prices, prices of electronic products. Japan accounted for 20% of the world's semiconductor manufacturing, micro-chip output value reached 63.3 billion U.S. dollars. Japan External Trade Commission issued under the investment information display, from the epicenter of the Iwate Prefecture gathered close to many major semiconductor manufacturers, including Toshiba Electronics semiconductor production factory, Fujitsu and Motorola's semiconductor plant in Japan's semiconductor factories. Insiders said that Japanese is the most serious earthquake in Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture, the two regions is the headquarters of Toshiba. Toshiba's NAND factory and factory are located in the CMOS sensor (CMOS sensor would have to supply), while Toshiba is the second largest manufacturers of NAND, so the earthquake is able to drive the semiconductor chip prices skyrocketing, especially in memory chips.

Miyagi Prefecture is the northeastern Japan city of the electronics industry, Sony Toshiba NEC Fujitsu Motorola red appliances are semiconductor plant, which Toshiba NAND memory and CMOS sensors are factory, NAND memory is Toshiba's main product, the global market share of over 30%, follow by Samsung. Toshiba's CMOS sensor is located in Iwate plant is the only of its largest CMOS sensor factory. Once the power cut off for the semiconductor devices, the production line of products will be all scrapped, and need to re-adjust the machines. Sony has six factories in Miyagi, including automotive electronics Sony Chemical Business Sony professional television broadcast equipment.

LCD panel may also be compromised, Sharp's LCD home base in Mie Prefecture, Mie Prefecture in Japan, the most eastern part of the Kii Peninsula. LCD equipment precision exception, small vibrations can cause shutdown, re-adjust the machine. Japan is also a LCD glass substrate The main producing area, Corning and Asahi Glass substrate production may also be affected. In addition the world's first LED maker Nichia Tokushima Prefecture is located, may also be affected. Taiwan will be the biggest beneficiaries, including wafer Memory LED panel business.

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