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A Review of Keyword Elite

I was one of those out there reading a lot about the people making afortune out of the internet marketing revolution. Google AdSense andAdWords were helping people earn from home but here I was wanting to doa lot of keyword research but unable to find the appropriate tool forit. I spent quite some money on buying all those softwares out therewhich claims to do a lot of things. It is then that I was referred toKeyword elite by one of my friends. Keyword elite is a tooldeveloped by Brad Callen.The makers of this tool claims that this toolis the best in the market right now. I have read many such tall claimsfrom many such so-called SEO gurus and burnt my hands in trying outtheir softwares. So like all of you out there I was skeptical in buyingthis new so-called "best" keyword research tool in the market. Then oneof my friends referred me to an ebook "AdWords made easy". The researchtips and techniques mentioned in this tool were general ones and didnot require any specific tool but there was a mention of Keyword elite in the book. I understood that this was a marketing technique, butthought that I could, for sure go ahead and give it a try give the factthat KE was giving a 100% money back guarantee for a period of 56 days.The facts I drew got keyword elite exposed. Lets evaluate each one ofthem. Where does keyword research begin? Thefirst step in researching keywords was generating a few thousandkeywords on an area of your interest. The tools available in the marketdied after a few hundreds, but keyword elite could generate about a10,000 odd variations of your specified keyword. One very relevantquestion you would then ask is "What am I going to do with these 10,000keywords when I do not know which one to go after". This amazing toolgave so many multiple ways of filtering keywords that in an hour I wasready with a few thousand relevant keywords. I could add prefixes or,suffixes to the generated keywords lists, delete keywords containingunwanted terms in the keywords by one click and many such features. Atthis first step this tool was beginning to light my imagination.Exporting keywords to text as a whole or, in groups, saving projects,creating AdWords campaigns or, AdSense pages were a click's job forthis tool. What to do of the keywords that are generated? The second step in keyword research would involve identifying what is the PPC competition for the keywords generated by keyword elite in the previous step. This was precisely the second step in the tool.You could directly export the keywords generated in Project 1 to thissecond step, and analyze your AdSense and AdWords competition. Youcould get the # of searches, # of search results, R/S ratio(results/searches), AdWords PPC, Top bids, # of sites. There are loadsof other information that KE provides you in this Project-2, whichcould aid you in your research. Just check out the videos. What else does KE give you for keywords research? WhatI pondered over when I was optimizing my website for my chosen keywordswas a way to check and spy on my competitor websites to see how theywere doing in specific keywords. KE provides a Project # 5 which helpyou do this very easily and saves you the hassles of a lot of physicalactivities. How does KE help you in your AdWords campaign? Thisamazing software even helps you create your AdWords campaign byselecting your chosen keywords, in just a few clicks in its Project #3. I learnt that writing competitive ads is as much important askeyword research. Keyword elite helps you do just this. In addition tothis, keywordelite helps you upload the ads to your google AdWordsaccount directly from its interface. How will I know my competition during my keyword research? Nowthis is precisely what keywordelite does in its Project # 4. Go outthere and analyze your competition by choosing the sites that you thinkare your competitors.

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