Elite Vintage

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Which Dead Space 2 rig (suit) is the best?

ELITE VINTAGE SUIT and ELITE ENGINEERING SUIT are my main choices. I dont know which one though.

And do you get any suits if you beat the game on zealot?

The best is the Advanced Unitologist RIG, 60% damage resistance, 25 slots.
The best you can get for free is the Elite Advanced RIG - 25% armor, 25 slots, +10% damage to all weapons, +15% to stasis duration. Pretty sweet.
The suit you unlock by completing Dead Space 2 on Zealot is the Arctic Security RIG, which pays homage to a movie called 'The Thing', which takes place in Antarctica. It has 25% armor, and causes the flamethrower to do 10% more damage.
It's my personal favorite.

I've beat the game 4 times.

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