Elite Stars

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if u compare wrestlers to other sports figures, how would it look? details inside?

like im a big NBA guy so this is what it is for me
Michael Jordan= Hulk Hogan (both the greatest of all time in there sport)
Tim Duncan= John Cena (the best right now, but not loved by everyone)
Allen Iverson= Kane (been around for a long time but has never become an elite star)
Shaq= undertaker (undeniably dominant)
Lebron James= edge (both young and great)
Steve Nash= Rey Mysterio (small guys in a big mans world but can kick all there a ss es)
Deron Williams= MVP (new superstars on the rise)
Kevin Durant= Kennedy (high hopes 4 both but prob wont be great)

great question. Im more of a football guy so here it goes.

Bret Favre = Undertaker. they have been around forever, and just seem to keep getting better.

Joe Namath = Ric Flair. These guys have an attitude, run their mouths, and know how to party hard, and are among the best ever.

Dan Marino = Kane. has been one of the best forever, but never got the chance to be on top (marino has no super bowls, kane only held a major title for 1 day)

Jim Brown = The Rock. One of the greatest ever, could have been the greatest but for a short career. Both are all around amazing athletes.

Adrian peterson = MVP, young guys who have had a huge impact, have a great career ahead of them, and have problems with their health.

Tom Brady = John Cena. On top of their respective sports right now, but hated more than loved for it.

Vince Young = Edge. Young, skilled, exciting, and seize any opportunity or flaw in their opponent and use it to win (see: titans vs. giants last year or edge using money in the bank)

Scott Hall = Wes Welker. Both guys are extemely talented and valuable, but get overshadowed by the stars on their team (welker by brady, moss and hall by hogan, nash)

Bellichik = Vince Mcmahon. Power-hungry, ego-maniacal jerks with no morals

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