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xbox 360 elite red ring of death, Help?

ok, so i have a xbox 360 elite and was playing fifa 10 and my 360 out of no where shuts down and 2 red lights start flashing, is it broken, what do the 2 lights mean? i got this in february 2008 and it has the falcon chip
also before it get the rrod one of the fans on the back on my 360 where barely blowing out air, but the other fan was working fine

Your xbox doesn't have to be under the original 1 year warranty to get if fixed for free. I just got my replacement 360 back yesterday for the very same problem. They will send you a new xbox if it's been less than three years from the original purchase date if it has anything to do with RROD. Just check out the link below and you can register your xbox for repair and microsoft will send you a label in the mail. All you gotta do is put it in a box and send it off and they will send it back to you in a week or two, probably a brand new console. Just make sure you keep your hard drive.


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