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Before charging the battery, with a paper towel or dry cloth to clean the electrodes

Before charging the battery, with a paper towel or dry cloth to clean the electrodes. Stained with dirty things like oil may cause poor contact electrodes, which can cause the battery is full.

We recommend that you save the battery separate from the camera, and stored at room temperature in low humidity environment. ③ When the device prompts appeared low power consumption, it should start charging as much as possible in a timely manner, do not over-discharge;

① battery if not a long time, please charge around 70% storage in a dry, cool place. Ni-MH battery 3 months or so and then enough to recharge the batteries; lithium rechargeable battery 6 a month or so;

④ lithium batteries do not need to activate the particular method, in normal use in lithium batteries will naturally activated.

Look forward to using digital cameras and other digital devices can be even more to efficiently and safely to develop the battery to maximum potential.

Men can be sure that "the first three charging more than 12 hours to be full of" words on a few years ago it was completely correct, because the nickel metal hydride (cadmium) batteries have a memory effect, the first three make it to "stomach" to hang on until maximum understanding of their own to understand the battery to the maximum saturation in order to achieve long-term use in effect. Now widely used in lithium-ion battery, does not have memory effect, so no need to charge more for several hours, not only a waste of electricity, and life on the battery itself to have great influence. First of all you consumers based initiatives charger, rechargeable battery and camera manual to operate. A significant portion of consumers are too lazy to go to the instructions in partic
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