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Industry Dynamics: 2010 Guide to Higher Education for Technology Providers --- Aarkstore Enterprise


Institutions are being held to higher standards as they compete for students, faculty & better administrative and pedagogical resources. The challenge is exacerbated by factors such as record enrollments, reduced endowments and public funding, and a surge in IT innovation. Higher education is broadening its view toward IT, which bodes well for vendors targeting this market.


*Understand the culture and funding structure of higher education in Australia, Western Europe, and the US.

*Highlights the vendor landscape and technology solutions important to higher education.

*Offers insight into factors driving higher education's need for technology and how vendors can help institutions overcome market challenges.


The economic crisis has spurred a shift in higher education globally.

Funding continues to be limited in many countries driving institutions in search for solutions do more with the same or less resources.

Opportunities abound in enterprise applications market but vendors must come prepared with an understanding of the industry and its approach to technology adoption.

Reasons to Purchase

*Understand the changes higher education faces in the aftermath of an economic crisis.

*Recognize the issues unique to institutions in Australia, France, Germany, the UK and US and how they influence technology decision-making.

*Gain insight into the scope of the higher education market and opportunities for market penetration.

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