Dual Guard

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Celular Dual Chip, the best over many

The Dual Chip Cell Phone and Why It's Becoming So PopularIn this era of swiftness and activity, it has become mandatory for a person to own and carry a mobile phone with himself. But with the hectic schedules for meeting deadlines, the task of keeping in contact with each other is not being fully performed by a solitary mobile phone. people began to keep two mobile phones with themselves which made it arduous and often a grim situation to handle. That’s where mobile phone manufacturing corporations jumped in and came up with Dual Chip Cell phones. The very first ever Dual Chip Cell phone was made in Finland, in 2000 by Benefon, and was named “Benefon Twin” Phone.These Dual Chip Cell phones are based on the idea of Real estate two SIM playing cards at the same time without having burdening the users with the hassle of carrying two cellphones. Such Dual Chip Cell phones also do not destroy the contact email lists of the two SIMs, in fact, the two SIMs perform simultaneously, allowing people to make and receive phone cell phone calls and text messages from the needed of the two SIMs at the same time, thus providing the users with ease of interaction and communication.Not only does Dual Chip Cellphones make it easy for busy businessmen and formals to juggle their individual and official contacts, it can also prove to be perfect for the frequent people today. Nowadays, mobile phone buyers are always in lookup of initial-rate SMS bundles and call plans. Telecom firms contend with each other for providing the customers with least expensive possible rates and prices. While one specific company offers an attractive cost plan for a certain vacation spot, the other one lures the customers with its charming local SMS bundle. Here the Dual Chip Cell phones attests to be effectually helpful. They can reside in themselves two SIMs of different service providers Thus enabling the shoppers to reap the benefits of their favorite price plans.Dual Chip Cell phones are now the new hype among cell phone purchasers mostly due to their multitasking ability, adaptability and the ease of communication they deliver.Dual Chip Cell phones can be availed for a variety of economical prices to serve their purpose. They are easy-to-use, comprehensible and are offered by different popular mobile phone manufacturing corporations in diverse costs and prices depending upon their features, high quality, executeance and the in-built programs.Dual Chip Cell phone allows buyers to select from a total of four different modes, dual SIM mode, where both the chips perform at the same time, SIM1 Mode, where the very first preferred chip performs, SIM2 Mode, where the second preferred chip carry outs, and the Offline or flight Mode, where both of the two SIMs remain offline. Moreover, some Dual Chip Cell phones also combine the features of Dual Bluetooth for easy exchange of data.These Dual Chip Cell phones are ideal for those who tend to travel a lot and are always on the go. One SIM slot can be devoted for local usage inside the consumer’s homeland while the other can be occupied by the SIM of the country visited by the user.After the success of Dual Chip Cell phones, the Chinese are also manufacturing triple-SIM mobile phones to further simplify keeping in contact, for both particular and professional purposes.

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