Drill Blade

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What's Your Opinion Of B.C. Rich Guitars?

I found this guitar for $225 used in good condition, but I've heard some bad things about B.C. Rich. They look great and the pickups seem pretty good, but the body is agathis wood(what the fuck is that?) and I've heard they're kind of cheaply made.

Here's the guitar: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/B.C.-Rich-Revenge-Warlock-Electric-Guitar?sku=512679

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

I bought a used BC Rich warlock a few years ago... I had some maintenance work done to it, replaced the pickups with some EMGs, and finally realized that I just didn't like the way it sounded... it wasn't that it was a totally crappy sound, but it didn't fit my hands very well. Too thick of a neck. Even with the EMGs it didn't sound all that great either... oh yeah, and the hardware was horrible, the saddles were made of a soft metal which bent and made burrs which caused my strings to snap in the middle of songs (yes, I know how to tune my guitar, it was burrs, thank you). It wouldn't stay in tune. Dear god, how I hated that! Had to tune after every other song, or worse if I was playing hard. =(

Replace the pickups and tuning hardware and you might have yourself a pretty decent guitar.

I ended up getting a Jackson Dinky, and two different ESP LTDs... an EC-50 and EC-100QM. The LTDs aren't super-amazing, but after a little work and a pickup swap they play and sound very, very decent indeed!

Agathis is a mahogany-like wood that grows somewhere in Asia. It's commonly used to build furniture with, but is used more and more in building cheaper guitars. Basswood used to be the popular "cheap guitar" choice, but Agathis is right up there now. Here's the rub - both Basswood and Agathis can sound very good *if* you get the right piece of wood. Wrong piece of wood = junk. Unfortunately, cheap usually means little effort goes into getting better quality wood of what's available.

Agathis is also soft enough to work easily, meaning drill blades last longer, thus being cheaper to work with.

My main complaint is lack of sustain. Depending on the cut, it can have plenty of tone, but it seems to be more "fundamental" and less "overtone"... in other words, the sound is more straightforward and less "rich".


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