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Potable water – spring water to water dispenser

Potable water means water which can be use for consumption purpose with safety. Normally water present in different resources is not potable as it has many impurities like sulphur and other undesired minerals, bi-carbonates of sodium and potassium, harmful waste from different industries containing poisonous material, dust particles and some microscopic organs. Making water not suitable for consumption and the root cause of several diseases like diarrhea vomiting, feces etc.

Some sources of natural potable water are spring water and underground water although rain water is also the purest form of water but its is not potable as it did not have essential minerals dissolved in it. When water goes inside the earth passing through different layers of crust most of the impurities get filtered in crust itself and this process is known as osmosis. Many of Morden water filters uses same methodology for water filtration process. spring water sources are also the good sources of potable water but still their water need to be checked before consumption as few spring water sources have iron and sulphur like minerals dissolved in water itself giving it a light red colour. Few spring water sources have medical effect also making them popular in the New World, and as early as 1767, the waters of Jackson's Spa in Boston were bottled and sold to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for its therapeutic miracles.

Obviously we don’t need to go to spring water source for potable water as it is already available to the shop nearby. Bottled water have solved our problem of potable water however there is no proper information about the history of bottled water but people used to carry bottles to spring water source for carrying water. Spring water can be calm and can be sparkling also depends upon the demographics of the spring water source.

Drinking fresh water is required to keep ourselves fit and healthy. There are chances that supply water is not potable as it comes through pipelines. It will be good to know that the supply water is filtered water also. After storing water in the reservoirs the water filtration process is carried on but while supplying through the pipelines the water might get contaminated. For the purpose of domestic water use proper water filtration system needs to be installed. Several offices across globe are also installing water filters. There are many water filter manufacturers that offer online sale of these water filters and water coolers.

300 thousand gallons of bottled water was consumed in 1976 as compared to 3.4 million in 1997 and this rate of consumption is growing since then. Even in developing countries people are willing to spend money on bottled water as they now realize that few bugs spent on bottled water are far better then getting some water borne disease. Same goes with water filter and water dispenser Industry. Drinking water dispenser is a device that dispenses the cooled and hot water and serves as a focal point in a workplace where colleagues meet and gossip. Water dispenser comes with or without water filtration system. Few different types of technology used for water filtration in water dispensers are UV, UF and RO.

Water dispensers are basically of two types, bottled water dispenser and direct supply water dispenser. Although bottled water dispensers are more common but direct supply water dispensers are also gaining popularity as they are easy to use.

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