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What is the best way to ground myself when building a computer?

I'm going to replace my R.A.M from 3gigs to 12gigs and I read many tips saying to "ground yourself".
Can someone please give me a basic understanding of what this is, and how to do it without an Electro-Static Discharge band. All in Layman terms please!!

You can just make sure that you touch the metal frame of your computer to release any static electricity that builds up from walking on a carpeted surface, etc.. The best and safest way ( so you don't get busy and forget to touch the metal case, is to wear a "wrist strap" that grounds your body. If at all possible, always work on your computer on a wooden surface. It's okay to lay a towel down to prevent scratches on the case, but be sure you ground yourself if you move around on a carpeted surface. Unplug the computer and be sure you press and hold the power button for about 1 to 3 minutes to discharge any residual current in the power supply before opening the case. Be sure to do some housekeeping inside while you got the processor opened up. Just try to keep in contact with that metal frame and you don't need a wrist strap to ground your body. Make sure to leave the parts in their "protective" bag until you're ready to install them.

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