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Photography skills - Introduction to the depth of field

The distance between camera and subject to change. As I have already mentioned, the depth of field is affected by the distance of the camera to the subject. When you are something very close to the lens when focusing, the resulting depth of field is very small. When you focus on the more distant, the depth of field will be greater, and the depth of field changes due to different focal lengths.

Tip: take close-up pictures, such as
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macro photography, remember to calculate the depth of field will be inches. Place the camera to be able to make the film plane and subject plane - perhaps a monarch's wings - parallel. You do not have to use such a small aperture like f/32 to make the butterfly fully placed within the depth of field. Will be able to use a larger aperture with a higher shutter speed, which would reduce the camera or subject movement risk of blurring the image. Another advantage is that most of the lens aperture in use in the block can provide a higher resolution. For example: you use a recent focus of 8 feet from the 300 mm lens, if selected aperture f / 8. You found in the Sonora desert, a flowering cactus, and snap a few pictures from the car, then go far it is too far away, at the scale of infinity the lens position. Until after you went up to 8 feet from the subject again when the second shooting.

In the first
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photographs of the cactus on the very clear view, at least you can get out of recognition; and cactus in the background on the performance also seems very clear. However, in the close-up photos, only cactus growing on your fancy is clear. Cactus in the background who do not see the contours of the light green as the color, while in the foreground of the cactus were empty of the shallow depth of field. In both cases, adjusting the focus farther away from the cactus becomes more unclear.

Remember: When you are near or away from the subject, the other two factors - the size of the frame the subject and perspective have changed. For example, in the shape of 100 feet and the lines between
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performance and the surface of the object than 8 feet from the time seemed very different (this point can be watching it in the viewfinder.)

Determine the "correct" focus. As common sense, the depth of field in the usual shooting distance is distributed as follows: depth of field extends to the front of the focus of about 1 / 3, the focus of the rear extension to about 2 / 3.
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Large depth of field you want to get it? Then put the focus of a large scene in roughly 1 / 3. In particular, the use of automatic focusing single-lens reflex camera, let the camera to set the focus is very attractive. Although the "hasty shooting" for the dynamic capture fleeting moments may be necessary, but the exact circumstances permit, the focus of control is very important. Even for the use of auto-focus camera, it is also very simple - usually as long as the re-composition will be able to tap the shutter button to lock focus.

For example: When you're in the car parked in the vicinity of the scene and saw the three high-performance sports car: a black Porsche car in the foreground, a red BMW at the Thereafter, a white Lotus car in the background . At this time, you find a celebrity against a car recently, his blue eyes clearly visible. You must immediately make a decision: is the focus on the close medium shot of the BMW car to get maximum depth of field, so that three
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vehicles are clearly the same time; was carefully transferred to the prospects of people who focus so you can put him complete picture is to show the slightest looks to your friends?

When the scene as the main target of a distinct subject, usually you should focus emphasis on the most important place: people's eyes, the letters on the side of the boat yacht, or
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cave wall rock paintings. Although, as mentioned in other parts of the depth of field as you do to maintain a certain degree of control, but the depth of field at this time already become a secondary issue.

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