Darkening Utility

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SystemSuite 9 Professional, Essential All-in-one PC Maintenance Utility Software

SystemSuite 9 Professional is a revolutionary maintenance utility software for protecting, maintaining, repairing and optimizing your PC. Its comprehensive feature set and one-click tune-up wizards enables you to repair any existing problem and defend against real-time security threats.

What can SystemSuite 9 Professional do for you?

with PC repair and maintenance program installed, you can do the following:

1. Diagnose & Fix Windows Problems

100 tests to uncover problems that slow down your computer and fixes all of them so that your computer runs again like new.

2. Registry Repair & Maintenance

Speed your PC performance by defragmenting, cleaning, fixing and optimizing your Windows registry.

3. Optimize Internet & System

The new Internet Speed tool accelerates browser, download and surfing speeds up to 80% for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers, also it optimizes a PC for gaming, security, multimedia and office tasks.

4. Windows Startup Manager

Identifies programs and lets you monitor and remove startup programs that slow down and may even harm your system!

5. Real-Time System Monitoring

Automatically monitors the health, performance and security of your PC ensuring you are always protected.

6. Data Security Online

Make online transactions safely and securely by encrypting credit card data. SystemSuite stores and encrypts your sensitive personal and financial information, passwords and numbers.

7. Two-way Personal Firewall

Defend your PC from hackers and malicious intruders. SystemSuite two-way advanced firewall proactively monitors and defends your PC with multi-layered security protection.

8. Anti-Spam Control

Stop spam, viruses and phishing emails so they never get to your inbox. Works with all major email programs including Outlook, Notes, Eudora, AOL, Hotmail/MSN and more.

9. Fraud & Phishing Scam Prevention

SystemSuite’s Web Defense technology integrates with major search engines to identify and block malicious web sites before you click, protecting you from hacked pages, phishing and fraud scams.

10. Boot Up Corrupted Windows

SystemSuite’s built-in Windows rescue tool restores your non-booting system back to normal. Restore checkpoints from within Windows or from our bootable rescue Disk.

11. Secure File Shredder

Help prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands by securely erasing data from your hard drive. You'll be protected from Identity Theft as File Shredder meets U.S. Department of Defense Security cleaning standards, ensuring that erased data is completely unrecoverable.

12. Recover Deleted Files

SystemSuite can help you find the deleted files back from the Windows Recycle Bin and the Deleted Files Bin. When you empty the Recycle Bin, or delete files in other ways, the deleted files can be moved to the SystemSuite Deleted Files Bin, you can recover lost files from it.

With SystemSuite anyone can maintain, repair and protect their PC themselves.

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