Conveyor Skate

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There are a number of different styles of skate shoes

Some of the different types Ipath
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are the Shearling shoes. They are warm for those cold days and will reassure you that you will not freeze. They have awesome leather with a cushioned insole and reinforced heel and logos in all the best places.Made with suede and leather is the Centennial. Along with its great looks this shoe is a triple stitched comfort with awesome color combinations. How do they do this? It has breathable material on the toes to make sure the smell can get out and to keep you nice and cool when you work or play hard inside or out. Also made of this soft fabric for a long lasting time is the tongue of this amazing shoe that will leave you speechless from the texture and you would be happy about you’re decision of this wonderful shoe.Another incredible shoe is called the Ipath grasshopper. The colors come in black/Rasta hemp, Mocha/brown leather, and brown hemp. This colorful shoe is made with Velcro so it is easy to get on and off. It is also padded on the inside for comfort and is breathable. This skate shoe is made with rubber soles for flexibility and is triple stitched leaving you a pleasant feeling of security.There are a number of different styles of Ipath skate shoes. They are said to be the most comfortable shoes on the market. Don’t believe me? Try them yourself. And that’s not all, they have a great look to them too.Next is the Ipath ras. It is a very clean grip skate to make sure you don’t fall and the top has a leather/suede combination. It is triple stitched for strength. It also includes durable rubber outsoles. So if you like what you here this may be the shoe for you..

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