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What is the best way to start a fight so that the refs cant intervene and stop it? NHL?

What position/location on the ice and how far away from the closest ref should you be if you want a full fight
lol in the penalty box you can only fight with the door guy. Not much use there

The refs won't interfere during a fight unless one of the players can no longer protect themselves (i.e. is lying down on the ice or has their jersey over their head) or both of the fighters agree to quit. You are most likely looking at the scrums at the end of play in the playoffs where everyone is in a group and face washing each other. Eventually someone sucker punches someone and a fight begins. This is not a true hockey fight and the refs will attempt to stop it immediately.

Watch a fight in the regular season where both players agree to drop the gloves...the refs will watch until a player can no longer defend himself.

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