Circle Machine

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Answer my question? :)?

I needa get in shape.
Im gonna start working out everyday; on the treadmill and ab circle machine.
Any good exercise ideas?
Good foods to eat?
Foods to avoid?

Do it like this, or at least an adaptation.

Eat every 2-3 hours to keep metabolism boosted.

Upon waking having a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice to rejuvenate your cells, wait about 30-40 minutes, have a large breakfast consisting of a protein, carb and good fat. i.e. rolled oats w/ nuts/seeds + honey. 2-3 hours later have a snack, piece of fruit or a handful of nuts (keep fruit-eating towards the earlier part of the day).

Lunch again should consist of a protein, carb and a good fat. i.e chicken breast or beans w/ brown rice or sweet potato and a large leafy green salad with lots of extras (carrot, baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, sprouts). Let another 2-3 hours pass, have a protein snack i.e. serve of yoghurt with muesli or handful of nuts if you didn't have it prior.

Dinner the same as lunch but less carbs as you won't need too much energy now, so focus on your protein in whatever form you like (fish, meat, legumes) and lots of veg for your minerals/vitamins.

As for exercise, I'm assuming you're looking for weight loss. 30-40 minutes of interval training (10-20 second flat-out sprint/30 second recovery run/jog and repeat) 3-4 times a week is most efficient as well as keeping your metabolic rate raised for hours afterwards (more calories burnt at rest). Couple this with 2-3 strength training session p/week. Your ab circle machine should do it, or there's good work out vids on YouTube (search BexLife for example).

2-3L of still water a day. Green tea is great for weight loss as well! Have up to 6 cups a day (without added extras).

N.B. With working out pre/post nutrition is vital. 30 minutes prior have a carb-source to gain energy and no more than 30 post-exercise have a protein-source for muscle repair. Bananas are a great option!

Good luck.

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