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do u think I will need retainers? please answer only if I have experience..?

I just got my braces 1week.ago, and my dentist says I won't need retainers after the braces come off, I am using innovation c, ceramic self ligating braces.. He says after 6months my teeth will look good and after 6more months or so my braces will be removed, do u think I wil need retainers?

i think it all depends on how well your teeth move and how they look/move once your braces are off. Dont think you can really say now. I had braces for about 8 months and then had a retainer for abour 2 months. I didnt wear my retainer long and my teeth moved slightly so they are not completely straight but are still good enough for me.

i wouldt worry about it yet just let the dentist and your teeth do their job :)

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