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Is this all I need to own a horse?

Okay so this is all I have so far list below anything else I will need. There are obvious things I don't have so list those too even though I know.
-3 halters
-2 lead ropes
3 saddlepads
first aid for horse: corona, vetwrap, gauze, petroleaum jelly
Riding stuff (pants boots etc.)
3 currycombs
hard brush
dandy brush
soft brush
hoof pick
hoof brush
fly spray
fly spray roll on
2 crops
salt brick
a place to keep it
the knowledge
the money
horsemans onestep saddle cleaner
quic silver
mane/tail comb
a trainer(for me)
face curry
face brush
water bucket
tack trunk
anti fungal spray
I think that is all..... I am probably forgetting somthing but oh well...... answer below I need to know!
I am full leasing a pony right now and the girth fits her. My trianer said as long as I use a half pad I can use my saddle on any horse I want.

you actually have a little bit too much stuff lol. you only really need one saddle pad, one halter, and one lead rope, but more is still ok i guess haha. you need a bridle and reins and a bit, too. i agree though, the saddle and girth may not fit. thrush buster, too. thrush is very common and it's good to have thrush buster around. also, some dawn antibacterial soap in case of rain rot. umm, we have this wound dust stuff that stops bleeding. that's good to have too if your horse gets cut. it's made by the same people as SWA. it kinda looks like a mustard bottle. lol. oh! get some eye drops too. just something to flush out it's eyes if it has something in it. but i think that's it! oh thermometer!!! always have one of those. but, you have all the basics covered. the stuff i mentioned is just some useful medical supplies.
oh yeah, a fly mask with ears, too

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