Bradley Osai

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Bradley Associates: Why Bradley Associates

Bradley Associates has developed an extensive network of professional resources.

We select from among an array of carefully chosen managers to structure portfolios that meet the needs of our clients. We help our clients stay competitive in the constantly changing markets of the modern world.

Bradley Associates diversified strategies are designed to target attractive risk-adjusted returns and lower volatility than most traditional asset classes. These strategies aim to be achieved through a highly diversified combination of allocations to hedge fund managers and customized vehicles. Bradley Associates innovative approach to portfolio construction also allows for enhanced flexibility in asset allocation across sub strategies.

Bradley Associates has developed strong capabilities in providing customized solutions tailored to specific institutional client objectives. In general, clients select customized vehicles when:

• Their specific risk/return/liquidity objectives are not met by an existing fund.

• They are seeking specific exposures or limits on exposure not featured in existing strategies.

• It is important for the client to have segregated assets.

Bradley Associates builds diversified portfolios for such clients with a dedicated portfolio manager.

Bradley Associates: Management Consulting

Bradley Associates Management Consultancy provides an array of fit-for-purpose solutions to meet the business requirements of clients engaged in the development or delivery of complex programs or initiatives.

Often, business needs tend to arise from the investment requirements and attendant risks that exert influence upon our clients’ agendas in today’s modern macro-economic environment. As investors in their businesses, our clients are seeking knowledgeable, industry-specific advice to back up their investment decisions, whether they seek to maximize returns or minimize risks. Whether in public or private sectors, ultimately our clients seek improved business performance to augment value and to progress their competitive position in the global market.

Bradley Associates’ business consulting teams provide clients with the mission critical support and advice they need through the entire investment cycle. At the conceptual stage, we dispense our business economics and strategic skills to collaborate with entrepreneurs, developers and investors to discover hidden opportunities and appraise alternative options and potential results.

Bradley Associates’ consultants provide commercial, financial and technical counsel to our clients whether they are acting as promoter, sponsor or investor. This close engagement helps our clients mitigate risk and achieve financial culminations that enhance business value.

Bradley Associates: Initial Public Offering

The ‘dot-com’ bubble of 2000 put an end to the dreams of many an entrepreneur who had hoped their company's preferred exit strategy would be an initial public offering (IPO) of common stock.

These days, fortunately, to the benefit of entrepreneurs and investors, there's renewed interest in IPOs: Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors are once again openly discussing the IPO as a realistic benchmark.

The key factor with an IPO is the amount of investment that can be attracted.

Without doubt, a public offering of equity on the Stock Exchange is an effective means by which to attract investment into the business. An IPO on the Stock Exchange lays the foundations for future business and opportunities by providing funding and impetus to the business development side of the company.

Raising capital through an IPO is a major milestone in the life of a company. But with the right amount of preparation, knowing what to expect and the prospects for doing a successful IPO can be great.

It is of paramount importance that the company has a good relationship with prospective stockholders. Obviously, Bradley Associates prepares a detailed and comprehensive information campaign during the IPO period. It is our responsibility to ensure that the IPO is adequately subscribed at the target price.

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