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shotgun microphone boom mounted?

I'm going to be making a film next summer and I need a good shotgun mic for my Sony dcr-vx2100, keep in mind it will be boom mounted most of the time and I'll have an xlr adapter so that is no trouble, and I want to keep it at a fairly reasonable price I don't have the largest budget, about $5,000-$10,000 and I don't want the audio to be something like 20% of the budget.
any help is greatly appreciated

Any Sennheiser shotgun mic. You will also want a shock mount (I use a Sabra SMM-1 universal), XLR cable extension (it is just a mic cable) and a correctly sized softie (Rykote makes the best ones) also known as a zeppelin or "dead cat". Audio Technica makes good shotgun mics, too. bhphotovideo has a good selection and some good deals on "kits" that include everything just mentioned and a boom. Do a search there using "sennheiser shotgun rykote" and check the Sennheiser ME66/K6 - Shotgun Condenser Microphone Basic Kit for $799.

If you are shopping XLR adapters, the BeachTek DXA-6HD or juicedLink CX-231 are most appropriate.

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