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what i need and how to do soldering on gold and any another thin and small metal under microscope? soon please?

Electronics small, soldering under microscope soldering on thinand small metal , Gold

It is simple you cannot solder on gold in oxygen!
You can only solder to what is under the gold!
If it is copper, the solder will leach the gold leaving pure oxidized copper and you will get excellent solder joint
However if what is under the gold is something else like Palladium then it is more difficult.

How I did, depending on the size. I would cut a small piece of solder, with an exacto, maybe the size of a small grain of salt or smaller depending on the job.
Paste solder also works very well; it is made of small balls and has lots of flux.
Heat the work on a hotplate near (30 to 75ยบ under) melting temperature of solder.
Deposit my chunk or a few solder balls, approach the soldering iron tip very slowly (generally not touching) and suddenly the solder would melt and flow.
All this done under microscope, it is very preferable to have a boom microscope for this so as not to leave-it over the heat.
Having a stream of nitrogen helps a lot to have consistent good results.

Hope this properly answers your question


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