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Infinity Blade Ending: What Happened After Join the God King

Infinity Blade is short, and repetitive. Even within the individual “lives” of the hero, the enemies you face have repetitive fighting styles and character model designs. The Infinity Blade ending comes when you join the God King after the credits. Some players said that the game will never end. Following is a
Infinity Blade Ending
also including what happened after you Join the God King in Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade Ending: What Happened After Join the God King

part 1: Infinity Blade Ending: What Happened After Join the God King

When you click on the God King, he starts saying you made the good choice, that there are other Deadless that are stronger and more corrupt than he, and that you and he should team up to take them down. Then the credits play, and you go back to before you face the God King, like the fight with the God King never happened.

part 2: Infinity Blade Ending: What Happened After Join the God King

He says you made the smart choice, and there there are other out there who are a threat to the world and that the two of you together will stop them. Also a secret achievement for getting this 'alternate' ending.

part 3--Infinity Blade Ending: What Happened After Join the God King

the God King kills you incredibly quickly. But death isn’t the end. When the God King kills you, you start again, with all your weapons, equipment, gold and experience intact. Because you’re the previous hero’s son. Enemies are tougher, but you earn more defeating them. The cycle repeats as you gain experience and better equipment, getting killed by the God King until you’re strong enough to take him down. It took me four runs (or generations) to get to that point. I guess we shall soon know, the next update contains the titans (previous deathless)

part 4--Infinity Blade Ending: What Happened After Join the God King

I was thinking that the God King exists inside the Infinity Blade. Those who use the blade are possessed by it. (Fable, anyone?) This would explain the lack of Infinity Blade next blood line and why the god king still exists. It's just a endless cycle of you becoming more powerful than your predecessor and unknowingly defeating your father so the blade can posses you until your son rises.

part 5--Infinity Blade Ending: What Happened After Join the God King

Unless you have the reflexes of a cat who’s reflexes are good for something other than waking up from a nap particularly quickly, your first tussle with the evil God King will almost certainly end in horribly lop-sided defeat. See, you’re not supposed to beat him the first time around – or even the third or fourth time. Instead, you get hacked into bite-sized pieces and then, 23 years later, your character’s son picks up right where you left off. And I mean that quite literally. For whatever reason, said son somehow inherits all of your weapons, armor, experience points, money, magic – everything. So you fight your way through the castle again, taking down slightly stronger enemies and becoming slightly less of a tiny baby bunny to the God King’s Godzilla as you go. The game never ends, but again, its just made for short burst really.

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