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Learn How To Create Killer Rap Beats Fast

Create Your Own Rap beats

I am a producer that has been making beats for people for a long time and when other producers and people hear my beats they always ask me how do I get the sound so smooth and beats so tight. I smile and let them in on my little secret that has made me more money in the music business that most people can only dream of. It's simple, easy and doesn't take up too much of your time to be up and running making beats.

The first thing I do is listen to the artist I am working with whether male or female an the inflection in their voice on their other beats they rapped on. I then start off with the drums because the drums and high hats are an inportant part when making hip-hop beats. Then I go for chords whether I start off with strings, piano, horns or corky sounds that bring out the personality of the track.

I always make sure my drums are knocking where they are thumping hard enough where you can feel it in your chest.

But to make all of this happen you must have a decent music software for making beats. The software I recommend using to start off with is Sonic Producer because it is fun and easy to use especially if you are the type of person like me who would rather learn from watching videos. The tutorials in this software is good because what ever you miss you can just roll back and watch it again. It makes it easy to start making beats and you will sound like damn pro believe me. Not gonna brag but just by me using this software I got more offers from record labels trying to negotiate using my tracks for a few new and current artist on their label.

So if it can work like that for me...Imagine what it will do for you!

What you get in the software:

• Sonic Producer Beat Maker.

• 1000's of samples.

• Step by step training videos & tutorials.

• Learn how to use Sonic Producer.

• Learn how to make a beat.

• Learn how to play the piano / keyboard.

• Create high quality beats.

• Convert your songs to mp3.

Try it out.

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