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What is the best skateboard for a beginner?

ok so im about 5'6 115bls and i never skateboard befor but i do motocross so if that helps at all and like what is the best board and what r the best logo boards to and how do i know what is good or not.... give me some good pic of the board so i know what it looks like...

what is the best skate jeans

my favorite color is lime green

logos are nothing there all made from wood a no name brand could last for ever where is a well known brand could snap on the second day. im about 5'6 aswell ride motocross, surf, and skate iv been skating since i was about 5 years old and im 14 now the board that would best suit u would be a Habitat Agra u can buy it from this site

There is also the Roger Trouser Snake Deck which is my favourtie it looks good would ride well its 7ply hardwood maple.

if u think that u can do some good stuff on a board try the Enjoi Barletta Plaid Panda Deck 7.6 x 31.5 Resin 7-ply.

as for trucks u should go for
Fury Evo 2 Trucks
Tensor Response Mid Trucks
Independent Stage 9 Standard Trucks

for wheels u sould look at
Pig Head Neon Wheels
Slave Corporate Green Wheels
Black Label Vertigo Wheels

bearing u should go for
Zero Black Widow Bearings ABEC 5
Baker Tweaker ABEC 7 Bearings
Mystery Heart Bearings ABEC 7

and then some
FKD Light Green Griptape
Spitfire Headed Fade Griptape by Mob
or some other mob griptape.
hope this helps if u have any questions email me at

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