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Creative/romantic ways to ask a girl out?

We both really like each other and have already done stuff so I just have to make it official. I want to make this one special though and I am terrible with this kind of stuff. So anyone have any good and slightly less corney ideas?

List of ways:

Write a song or poetry to her, place it in a spot she will see, and make it hint toward you some way (or just present it however you choose).

Email her a creative youtube song (aka Baby - Justin Beiber (dont use was only an example :P))

Go the old fashioned way and ask her with confidence.


Real extravagance for a near guaranteed yes (may need boss/principal approval):

Put a note in her locker telling her a location to go. Insist upon it as there will be a eward at the end.

Give her a riddle, a simple one, easy to solve, but enough to get her curious.

She follows it, and another note, and the challenge gets SLIGHTLY arded (we dont want her rage quitting by your riddles lol)

Have her led to your spot where you have ribbons, hearts cards, teddy bears, open arms, a choir chanting "Is Saturday Free" and then ask her out on a date.

The last choice will most likely be a yes 😛


I am a songwriter myself, so if you need help specifically with that area if you so choose, email me at:

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