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How to Create Your Own Dragon Ball Z Character

Over a decade after its creation,
Dragon Ball Z
is still one of the most popular anime or manga series around. Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku, the greatest fighter on Earth, after discovering he is from another planet and must protect Earth from those trying to destroy it and to steal the dragon balls. Creating a Dragon Ball Z character can be a fun activity for all fans of the series. The characters of Dragon Ball Z come from all over the universe, so there are countless possibilities.

Step 1

Decide if your character is good or bad. Making this decision can affect other aspects of the character. For example, if you want to create a villain, then the option of creating a Saiyan becomes more likely.

Step 2

Decide the race of the character. Do you want to make a Saiyan? A Namekian? A regular human? You can even create your own planet and race to make your character stand out.

Step 3

Create a character history. How did your character become who they are? What have they gone through? What goals do they want to achieve now? These are important decisions to make that will shape the personality of the character.

Step 4

Define the character's personality. What does your character like or dislike? How does your character like to fight? What abilities does your character have? Use these choices to flesh out your character and make it feel real.

Step 5

Decide where in the Dragon Ball Z time line your character will exist. There are several story lines in Dragon Ball Z, so you have a lot of options. You could have your character fight against, or alongside, Frieza in the Frieza Saga--or perhaps your character and Frieza travel through time with Trunks. Pick your favorite story line and take it from there.

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