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Zinc - increases immunity and fight acne

Zinc is considered one of the most important trace elements needed by the body through its role in numerous body cells vital processes. The human body contains about 2-3 grams of zinc, spread to bones, teeth, muscles, skin, liver, leukocytes, etc.. These tissues are using zinc in various processes but have not reserves for this element, therefore, to provide an optimal level of zinc, the body depends of food assimilation.

Roles of zinc in the body

Zinc enters in the structure of over 300 enzymes in the body with vital functions. The most important of them are involved in:

• Excretion of carbon dioxide (carbonic anhydrase);

• Bone metabolism (alkaline phosphatase);

• Protecting cells from oxygen free radicals (superoxide dismutase);

• Alcohol detoxification in the liver (alcohol dehydrogenase);

• Digestion of food proteins (carboxypeptidase)

Other roles of zinc in the body:

• Intervenes in cell division;

• It is necessary for the synthesis of DNA and proteins;

• Protects cell membranes;

• Adjust the level and activity of vitamin A;

• It influences the growth and development;

• Log in to control the composition of hormones secretion: insulin, thyroid hormones, gonadotropic hormone;

• Intervenes in spermatogenesis

Among enzymes that have vital roles in the body is carbonic anhydrase, which helps the excretion of CO2, alkaline phosphatase, which releases inorganic phosphate in metabolic bone needed, superoxide dismutase (SOD), which help protect cells against free radicals, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), which helps detoxify the liver in alcohol carboxypeptidase needed for food protein digestion. Moreover, proper cell division can not occur without an adequate amount of zinc to synthesise DNA, RNA and proteins. Zinc is a necessary structural component of DNA and proteins union also protects cell membranes against lysis.

Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and is involved in regulating the immune system through its component cells, and the taste, smell and sight are dependent on this trace element.

Preparations with zinc intervene successfully in combat dermatitis, infections with fungi, lesions of psoriasis, in blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) or alopecia (hair loss premature). It was also reported, favorable effect for cirrhosis. It also has an important role in the reproduction and lactation.This thread makes zinc an indispensable element.

The consequences of zinc deficiency

Decreased levels of zinc were associated with decreased appetite, decreased im munity, slow healing of wounds, birth defects and health problems of newborns. Signs of deficiency are hair loss, dermatitis, abnormal behavior, decreased visual acuity, delayed sexual maturation. The amount of zinc in the body decreases in case of diseases such as alcoholism, diabetes or kidney and liver disease. Because zinc is taken in the diet, its absorption can be hindered by certain gastrointestinal diseases such as malabsorption, Crohn's disease, colitis, diarrhea.

Sources of zinc

Zinc requirements of an adult is about 12-16 mg. This amount varies according to age, sex, physiological state. For example, the need for zinc increases during pregnancy (16-21 mg) and lactation (18-22 mg). The main sources of zinc are foods rich in animal protein such as meat, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, yeast and beans. Because from many vegetarian diets are missing these foods, zinc absorption generally occurs slowly. It is estimated that vegetarians are required two times higher intake than those who eat nonvegetariene. Zinc absorption is hampered by high fiber foods because they contain phytate forming insoluble complexes with zinc.

Zinc supplements

Zinc is an element introduced in many multimineral and multivitamin complex. Is found as sulphate, gluconate or zinc picolinate in doses between 15 and 60 mg of elemental zinc. Although their efficacy appears equal, gluconate is well tolerated by the body than sulfate. It is also available as combinations with vitamin C, magnesium and vitamins B.

Excessive doses of zinc can be toxic. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health and Harvard Medical College found that intake of zinc supplement in the form of greater than 100 mg / day resulted in doubling of the incidence of prostate cancer.

Zinc has many therapeutic indications, as prescribed in the deficiencies of the immune system, colds, in shortening the healing of wounds, scars and burns in deficits of attention.

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