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How many t8 fluorescent bulbs can I put on a 20 amp 110v circuit?

I suppose the better question is what am I figuring out wrong? Right now I have a twenty amp 110v service to my garage. I have 4 2 foot 2 bulb t8 lights out there right now. I would like to add some but according to what I figured I should be over the limit and popping the breaker. My air compressor has a 2 hp motor on it and it says 14/7 amps 110/220. According to this I would be around the 17-18 amps right now. So I figured I would just try running as much stuff as I could to see how close I was to throwing the breaker. So I had a 1 hp jointer, a halogen light at 4.2 amps, the fluorescent lights on the air compressor running, and I started welding. The welder is an Eastwood 200 amp tig which is made to run on a 110v 15 amp circuit. Why in the world did I not pop the breaker. I must be figuring something out wrong. I would like to add 2-4 more light fixtures if possible. Any help would be great.

because you can,t run all of them at the same time .

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