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What is the average life of car audio equipment ?

The reason I'm asking is that I have mid quality equipment(Pioneer)that I've been using for about 9 years now. I don't go easy on it either,it is played daily LOUD. My amp beats the hell out of my subs, but it sounds as good as it did when it was new. I can maybe see the crossover still working, but even the head unit was good until I replaced it with a new one that had Bluetooth and mp3 functions. Anyone else had good luck with car audio ? Thanks.'s changed vehicles a couple of times, but has been setup the same each time.

Your system was set up correctly. The gains were set with the volume at max rather than 3/4 like most unexperienced people say. Setting the gains wrong just leads to distortion. And distortion is the biggest killer of audio equipment. I bet it sounds nice and clear at loud volumes too, right?
With a properly setup system, there's no reason it shouldn't or can't last longer than your car does, unless it's subject to vibrations which can lay the smack down on electronics. Or unless it's booty equipment like kraco or sparkomatic or something.

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