Aluminum Welding

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Aluminum Repair Rod

Ever had to throw away and replace an aluminum item because it was broke? Aluminum is actually fairly easy to fix if you have the right tools. There is a company called Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. that has created a website for a product called Alumaloy. This patented material can be used with simply a heating torch to repair a wide variety of aluminum items such as boats, containers, gates, fences, windows and much more. It is a flux less repair material that once bonded or cooled is stronger than the original aluminum.

You simply clean the aluminum you are fixing and then with a propane torch heat the Alumaloy, which comes in 1/20th of a pound sticks about 18 inches long. Imagine the possibilities of repairing expensive items cheaply. I was asked to review the product this past summer when a friend of mines fishing boat developed a crack.

My friend, bob, was frustrated at the prospect of taking his boat into the marina and getting it fixed. I was asked to attempt a repair and report back my results. The hardest part was the prep work. Once we got the boat out of the water and cleaned the rest was very straight forward. The crack was about 6 inches in length and at one end the crack was spreading in a few directions so we decided to drill a hole about a dime size at the end of the crack. You can image my surprise when we fired up the torch and the Alumaloy started to melt once the blue part of the flame consumed the stick. I would like to point out that just pointing the torch toward the aluminum repair rod will not work. Be careful though, the rod will liquefy quickly so make sure the item you need repaired is ready. I would describe the way it adhered to the aluminum like water does not want to run out of a cup when you fill it all the way or when water beads up. It really filled the crack and the dime size hole and I was shocked. For about $20 in product my friend’s boat was fixed.

After it cooled you could barely tell any work was done. We did some finishing touches on the paint and the boat was like new! I now keep all three of this companies products stocked in my tool shed.

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