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Do the Su-MKIs of the IAF have an internal EW suite or is everything carried on pods?

The MKIs have been shown repeatedly with EW pods carried outside, namely the Elta 8222.

However, there is a plan to move the EW fit inside.

The following aircraft have been seen with the following pods:
Mirage 2000 with Remora
Su-30 K and Su-30 MKI with Elta 8222
MiG-27s too with 8222.

Apart from that the IAF MiG-27 upgrade has them receiving internal SPJs made by BEL to a DRDO design, the DRFM equipped Tempest EW system
The Jaguars upgrades are recieving internal Elta 8222s.

All aircraft bar the Mirage 2000 are recieving the Tarang MK-II integrated RWR from DRDO manufactured by BEL.

The MKIs RWR is combined with a Swedish/South African MAWS to create a multispectral warning suite. DRDO has a program going on with EADS to create a series of new MAWS. These are intended for the IAF fleet as well.

There are currently several local EW programs going on for improved variants of the current jammers. These will be used for future upgrades and programs as well. The LCA for instance is to have an multispectral ECM suite, with an internal SP Jamming system superior to those on any IAF aircraft today.

The Russian media has also stated that Russia has displayed a superior jammer to the Elta 8222, and this would replace the same on the MKIs.

The Jaguars are to receive a dedicated Escort/ defence suppression jammer, for EW work. The IAF is stated to be looking for some 20 pods. That should be good enough for a few squadrons.

The Mirage 2000 and MiG-29 upgrades have been cleared recently. The latter will also see a modernised EW system added to it. Its unclear what the offensive jammer will be. The Mirage 2000s will be brought up to the Dash-5 standard, including the latest ICMS standard for EW.

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